Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens!

The chickens have some rather interesting eating habits, probably a reflection of the family who has adopted them.  At the weekend, our daughter introduced them to the delights of half eaten grapes, fed by hand.  (Sometimes she grasps the concept of sharing, just not with big brother!)

I have also been looking up various feeding plans on the internet, and was particularly interested in how to get them healthier and fitter (with the goal an increase in egg production, of course).  In fact, eggs from pastured chickens given access to greens, grass, and bugs contain 2/3 more vitamin A, two times more omega-3, three times more vitamin E, four times more vitamin D, and seven times more beta-carotene than eggs from battery farms.  Impressive!  This has resulted in me walking the chickens in the garden at the weekend (allowing them to forage for slugs and snails and green foliage – the latter being a challenge to find in our earth trodden garden), and today, I started the routine of giving them crushed cooked egg shells mixed in with leftover milk, bread and cereal from breakfast.  The egg shells are a good source of calcium, which will result in stronger new egg shells when they lay tomorrow, and the milk and bread gives roughage, vitamins, and more calcium.

The idea is to give the chicken your kitchen slops, as they are natural scavengers in the jungle habitat of their origin, which is also a great way to recycle and recircle in your kitchen!

After a few days of very hot weather here (hitting 38 degrees), it was wonderful to have a big storm late in the evening, to clear the air.  I think the chickens were hugely relieved too, as they laid 2 eggs in celebration this morning!!


2 Responses to “Day 179 – Chicken ‘Crush and Mush’, recycling/recircling with our chickens!”
  1. Henny says:

    Oh, you have to talk to opa and oma about bird feeding. They are giving the birds egg shells too!

    Love, Henny

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