Day 174 – Take a good look at life around you……..

Turtlewings Reconnect, the adult creative group that meet once a month on a Thursday lunchtime, had their first ‘Vernissage’ last night.  I was very jealous, due to the fact that a. I wish I could join them and b. they looked a small details in life and documented them in various artistic ways.  From photography to drawing to video.  It was really interesting, as always inspiring, and has given me already a few ideas for next year’s non hi-tech New Years Resolution!

Pernille used her camera to find unusual but real statements about Brussels……

Helene reflected, literally.  Taking photo’s of and on reflection, she colour themed and created a colourful piece of wall art

Sanna wanted to be a Damcer, and set about filming dances of Family and Friends.

And Annika notebooked something (writing drawing or tear sheet) in a little booklet daily.  She then created a mini art box exhibition of a selection of them.

There is still hope, if you’re working like me in Brussels, the evening sessions are just as good, very creative and include wine (which helps!).    See you there in September……..  (or try out the swishing night next thursday!)

And this book is a perfect read if you’d like to try some of this out…… How to Be an Explorer of the World: Portable Life Museum (9780399534607): Keri Smith: Books.


One Response to “Day 174 – Take a good look at life around you……..”
  1. Hélène says:

    Thanks Liz, just great that you want to share this with your blog friends!

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