Day 173 – Honey, we lost the Cat…….

Continuing our family theme of losing things, today was the cat’s turn!  We’d gone to bed last night, thinking that Joseph was tucked up with Sabine who was staying over with us.  Only to find this morning, after she’d left, we had no cat in the house!  Huge panic.  This cat is a real home loving, cuddly mouse catcher and not at all au fait with the life of a city moggie.  We had had the back door open last night, but Joseph normally doesn’t venture onto the terrace unless we are there too.  There was a lot of hunting high and low in the garden, until Hubbie peered down the side of the concrete box holding the rainwater tank.  Low and behold, there he was squeezed down the side, jammed in, in much the same way that one of the chickens managed a couple of weeks ago.  (I had been imagining a fate worse than death, with that Gruffalo that stole our chickens -> Ugh!)

Our Daughter was again called upon as the only member of the family small enough to get down there, and Joseph was rescued and given huge cuddles and kisses.  He’d probably slipped off the window ledge as he was trying to wake her up (her bedroom is right next to it), not realising that it is Mission Impossible before the minimum 10 hours of deep uninterrupted sleep.

My nieghbour and good friend Jules, is now very concerned for the safety of her two year old son when over at our house.  I don’t blame her……. we might have to be put on an ‘at risk’ rating with elderly adults, animals and small kids!!

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