Day 168 – time for Tea….

This photo was my inspiration for my post today, ‘I have had tea with….’ asking the question who have you supped with and where?….. (courtesy of The Eden Project in Cornwall)

I came up with a few, feel free to add to the list;

  • In the bed first thing in the morning (camomile)
  • Curled up on the sofa last thing at night (sleepy tea)
  • with Carol (orange jaipur and darjeeling mixed), in France on the terrace
  • in the office (anything uplifting!)
  • with lemon (the only way to drink earl grey)
  • brewed in a tea pot with love (detox tea)
  • at Kasbah or Kif Kif (Morrocan restaurant that serve fab fresh mint tea)
  • cuddling Joseph the cat (in France, the only place he sleeps on our bed!)
  • at the Ritz, in London, on my Hen day out years ago….
  • with a Cornish Cream Tea, near Helston, in a conservatory tea room (the best place on earth for cream teas!


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