Day 167 – Day 4/Egg 4

We now have 4 eggs after 4 days of laying! Almost a box full. We’re doing the official tasting on saturday morning, when hopefully we have our first half dozen for a fry up with bacon. My daughter has a theory on who is actually laying the eggs, as it’s always one by one. Basically she believes the hen with the biggest bottom is laying each day, and she checks each night who has the biggest bottom and nominates that as the hen who will lay overnight!  That hen becomes the skinniest the next day, and actually I think she has a point! And they’re doing it in perfect rotation!

2 Responses to “Day 167 – Day 4/Egg 4”
  1. Hélène says:

    Oh, they’re so lovely! Good thing to wait a day or more before eating them, I once cooked an egg that was still warm from the hen (yucky!), and my pre-sentiment was quite right: it was really chewy, nothing fresh about it!

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