Day 164 – The Eden Project, Cornwall


Today, finally the weather was good enough to head for the Eden Project.  It’s a project I’ve wanted to visit for a number of years, but always been put off by the tales of long queues, bad weather, or once just arriving too late to enter!  Mum, Dad, Rosie and Morgan joined the kids and I.  Apart from the hiccup on the A30 at 110kph, when Morgan tried to launch himself out of the back door (how quickly we all forget to use the child locks on our cars once our own kids grow up a bit!), things went well.  We lunched at the lovely bakery (where you eat on an honesty basis), and sweated around the Rainforest Biome.  Morgan’s highlight of the day (at 2 years old) was the tractor train ride back up the hill.  I think it rated highly with my kids too, who were beginning to get fed up with our educational weekend in Cornwall!  The most positive thing was listening to my daughter do the running commentary around the Biome’s, showing off her latest knowledge on why palm trees have holes in their leaves (to let light through) and that red is the most attractive colour for insects!  (Don’t forget, her current/late homework and her last project was based on this, part of the reason I was adament to visit it this time!)

We returned home in time for my daughter to finish day 3 of her homework project, only to discover, uh oh, she’d forgotten the crayons…… plan B, buy them on the way back tomorrow and let her colour it in on the tunnel.  Wish me luck after the outward tunnel fiasco of the reading project.  Will I ever learn?

->this is a statue showing the waste generated by one person in his lifetime!  Kids piped up, there are 4 tv’s in there, 18 yr old Rosie piped up and I’ve thrown 3 away already!!


By the way, apologies for the quality of the photo’s, camera battery went dead during the first 5 minutes, so I had to rely on my iphone (and it’s not a new one!)


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