Day 163 – Let’s try another day out without losing anyone!

It rained ALL night.  Heavy, thumping rain, which was extremely noisy as we are sleeping under the roof.  It was still raining on Sunday morning, and Mum and Dad’s patio resembled a swimming pool.  We decided it was not a good day to go to the Eden Project, as a lot of the area is outside and includes a climbing wall.  So we switched Monday’s trip over, and headed for Geevor Tin mine (which obviously is mainly indoors and naturally underground!).

This time, we took Mum and Dad, and my nephew Ashley.  They stayed for the lunch in the cafe, but headed home afterwards as we did the tour around the mine (phew less people today to keep an eye on!).  It was a really good afternoon, the mine was quiet and the old Cornish miners who help out on the tours where brilliant.  My son was shocked when one turned round in a true Cornish voice and asked me ‘Aw right my luvver?’.  I explained this was just a term of endearment, and he then asked, ‘so what does he call his real lover??’  I was lost for words……may’be by her first name I replied!

The tour includes finding clues to answer a question for kids.  It was perfectly aimed at 9/10 year olds and kept them both amused.  The hands on exhibitions worked really well too, and the kids were amazed to find out that without tin to solder electronic parts together, all their gadgets would be useless.  Tin mining no longer exists in Cornwall, and when you see the conditions, you don’t feel too sad about it (apart from a historical point of view of course).  However when you realise that China now mines the largest % of tin in similar circumstances, you realise that although Cornwall has modernised and moved on, other areas have had to pick up the industry.  The final part of the tour, takes you underground.  I took a deep breath and seeing how excited the kids were, I hid my claustrophobic feelings, and marched in.  By far the best bit after ducking and diving through narrow, scary tunnels, was meeting an old miner halfway down, who talked through what it was like to work underground for 8 to 10 hours a day.  I think the kids will focus on their school work from now on!

I took a lot of photo’s as it was a visual exhibition……….enjoy!

One Response to “Day 163 – Let’s try another day out without losing anyone!”
  1. sjef says:

    Hi looks like you had a fun time, love the piccies

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