Day 162 – Honey, I lost my Mum!

The early morning excitement today focused around not feeding chickens, but peacocks! Nana and Grandad have a friendly wild peacock who passes by their back door every morning for his breakfast, and even calls out for it if no-one is there! How on earth can I beat this in Brussels? The chickens look truly lame compared to this!

After such an early start, and success in getting my daughter to start her homework project, Nana, the kids and I all headed off to the Royal Cornwall Show (leaving Grandad to some much needed peace and quiet!).  The aim was to get a taste of farming and food life in Cornwall.  I was particularly looking forward to stocking up on Cornish cheese (Yarg and Cornish blue being my favourites!).  The sun was shining, traffic heavy, but we managed to get there by lunchtime and satisfy my son’s hunger for a Cornish Pasty!

We then had a lot of fun looking at the flower show, some craft exhibits, and some of the local stalls……

Then disaster struck.  As the kids headed in one direction to watch motorbike stunts, my Mum disappeared.  At only 5’1″, she easily blends into a very heavy crowd, and after 1 hour of searching high and low, we gave in and reported her missing to the Police.  She had no money on her, no phone, a credit card, and no idea what my gsm number was.  We could only hope that she would remember that we had mentioned that we were leaving at 4pm through the main entrance (which to make life complicated, was not the one we had come in through).  I had a sneaky feeling she would carry on enjoying the show, not worried about anything, apart from the fact that she wouldn’t be able to buy a cup of tea!  Not so easy for me however, who tried to stay as calm as possible and not think of all the doomsday scenarios that you imagine happen to your kids when they go missing (my theory being that 90% of them would never happen to a spritely and slightly stubborn 78 year old).  The St John’s ambulance crew even suggested she probably was sat somewhere having a free G&T,  now that was realistic!

We reached 4pm, and spent an hour at the entrance waiting for her.  We again spoke to the Police, who at 3pm had sent out a site alert on her, but with no luck.  At 5pm, I suggested we walk to the car (which was a long way away, but you never know with my Mum), and found her standing 100m’s outside the main entrance on the other side of the road, quoting that she’d had a lovely afternoon and met 2 very nice men in yellow jackets who’d helped her!!  Her theory was she would see us drive past if she stood on the side of the road.  Oh and did we enjoy the animal show?!!

Incredible!  But then remembering Prince Philip this week, celebrating his 90th with vigour and his usual sense of humour, we should all be glad to see some of our parents at least, in this frame of mind and health.  Mum, long may you continue to make us laugh and cry!!

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