Day 161 – I feel like I’m drowning slowly in the tunnel….

My daughter’s allergic to reading, except for Beano’s and the contents of sweetie packets.
She is currently sat in the back of the car, as we go under the channel tunnel, trying to avoid at all costs opening anything that resembles a book.  She reads the adverts, the contents of her drink bottle, and finally the back of the book. 25 minutes to go, under water, with her reading aloud (as it’s the only way to check she is doing it), her monologue will finish us off.  She’s not happy as she has to read one if her brother’s books, as she conveniently left her’s at school.  On top of this she has a project to do this weekend, while we are back in the UK, which she ‘forgot’ to do this week.  Our little dreamer, finds it very hard to concentrate on anything she needs to do, but can waste away hours on little projects doing nothing obvious!  It’s raining, I have at least 6 hours of driving ahead of me, and the cat and dog fights in the back have already started.  I just hope my Dad has organized the G&T on my arrival, pass the bottle, I’ll need it!

image from; news blog: Beano 70th Anniversary Exhibition.

You can find the Beano via this link;

The Beano Comic – Weekly laughs, jokes, pranks, and puzzles for kids. Starring Dennis and Gnasher!.

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