Day 159 – I am beginning to doubt the multitasking female myth…..

Ok, it’s a fact, men cannot multitask.  It’s possible at work, but impossible at home (I’m convinced it’s due to the ‘shut out all interference’ gene, otherwise known as ‘ignore your wife’! that men are born with).

But how come, the female experts at multitasking work life, home life and love life, cannot manage to gossip, drive and follow the GPS at the same time?

Yes, Lieve and I missed the turning twice in Germany, and added 20kms to a rather short journey.  It’s not the first time, and I just don’t understand it……….

photo thanks to; Becoming a Woman of Purpose: Mindful or Multi-Tasking?.

One Response to “Day 159 – I am beginning to doubt the multitasking female myth…..”
  1. Ah well – I am sure there are better explanations than the one I am about to give, but here we go. I think that women listen better and men can shut off from the chat and pick up later. We do not need as many words to say the same things and that gives your driving brain more space to work. I do a fantastic job at multitasking, but only at the big picture level. You add detail and it is all a mess. My wife often asks me questions about people I have spoken to, and is unable to understand how little I took out of the conversation. I remind her, that the detail added no value to what I needed to know and just fills my head with stuff I do not really need, at least right now.

    The thing about multitasking is that you can only ever take in so much info at any one time – so you have to be selective at the type of tasks you multitask with.


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