Day 158 – Hubbie’s simple green bean dish

We’re all getting up super early at the moment.  Me, as there are not enough hours in the day when Hubbie is not at home.  And the kids, in the anticipation of fresh eggs (while I keep fingers crossed that the ‘not so’ Fantastic Mr Fox has stayed away!).  The chickens are now so well trained, that they were already in their ‘bedroom’ last night when the kids went to lock them up.  They also trotted out quietly when the kids unlocked them at 6.45 this morning.  Still no eggs, but it’s early days yet, and the anticipation keeps the kids motivated to get up that early.  Long may it last!

From my side, it at least gives me a chance to get a head start on the day, which this morning meant a cooking session at 7am, so that we will have a hot meal at home after my son’s orchestra performance tonight.  It’s their Dad’s favorite dish to cook, and therefore loved by the kids.  The pressure is on….. will it be as good, or have I failed to step into their Father’s shoes?


The Green Bean Dish (as read out over the phone by my Hubbie)


  • Fry approx 500g beef mince with  3 cloves of garlic
  • Cook about 1 kg of sliced potatoes, until tender
  • steam 500g of green beans, until tender but not oversooked
  • Put the cooked mince in  a casserole dish, then the potatoes and 1/2 a bag (bag = 225g) of grated cheese
  • Pour on approx 125ml of cream, and add beans.
  • Cook at 200 deg for 20 mins, and then for the last 5 mins add the extra cheese on top and grill.



late night feedback – son to mum – not bad for a first attempt…… (pls note he’d already swiped a spoon before I got to take the photo!)

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