Day 157 – Technological meltdown, I’m going back to the Pritt stick!

It all started yesterday afternoon, with the Government in the UK. I was on a last minute (I know, never ever leave filing online to the last minute!) mission to file our annual return in the UK. And I fluffed with the authentification code, ordered a new one, only to realise that it takes 5 days to be sent to your home address instead of straight into your email account, aaarh! (and they don’t say that before you hit the button on the internet, only after – typical!).  However I reverted to the good old ‘dog and bone’, and spoke to a nice woman on the phone today (with a very British accent but you never know!!) who said no worries, no Fine, so life looks ok on that front.  (Until they tell me that the nice women never had the right to say that, and obviously just wanted to get me off the line!).  We’ll see…..

However, next up was Work.  Which was not as easily solved.  All the servers were down, so I had no access to my photos that I needed for a presentation this week. I worked my way around a few emails and found attachments that worked. This was closely followed by the discovery that the powers that be, that are not even in charge of me anymore, cancelled my online subscription to WGSN…… And all my Internet photos that I’m using for a project are filed in that system, double aaaarh!!!  A few phone calls later to Germany, with another nice helpful lady (who at least had a sense of humour inspite of my meltdown!) and I hope this is resolved tomorrow.  Otherwise I know where your office’s are, and I’m on my way round there with at least a day’s worth of work to put on someone else’s desk!
Actually, I am seriously considering returning to a cut and paste system, where at least you can rely on your own stuff, as even the Pinterest servers were down this afternoon (another source of inspiration).  Do you SCREAM silently when you need inspiration, or take up the good old Moodboard scenario. Bring back glossy magazines, a pair of scissors and a Pritt stick…… Or some fully developed photo’s of trips you’ve done yourself, such memories.
Nostalgia, yes, but this form of reality existed until very recently.  I’m contemplating returning to it as the latest retro trend! But can you still buy Pritt stick,  after 40 years of existence??  As I’m about to buy a shed load!


Pritt Stick celebrates its 40th birthday – Telegraph.

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