Day 156 – Chicken run, part 2

This long weekend we reinforced the Chicken Coop ready for Chicken Run part 2.  First off was the deep digging of chicken wire under the soil, this is to stop the not so Fantastic Mr Fox from digging down.  This was followed by some heavy rock being dug into the surrounding edges (further deterrent), and finally some master stitching on my part.  Not nice for your fingers, as I had to stitch up numerous gaps with wire in the roof structure and the edges.  (I have to say, I much prefer knitting!)

Then on Saturday morning the gang when off to buy the Chickens.  This time they did a bit of investigation, and chose ones that were supposedly more docile, better egg layers, and generally all round nice gals!  Hence, Gaby, Betsy, and Thils, arrived home around lunchtime, to be introduced to their superior chicken coop and run.  I think they’re settling in well, they chat to each other, generally jump around and eat a lot.  And one of us at night, crawls in there to tuck them up in bed (while encountering a few scratches along the way).  They’ve survived the first night, no sign of any eggs yet, but it’s early days.  And we’ve already introduced some well being into their roosting house, as supposedly red lego bricks help them to concentrate on layering eggs (thanks Lieve for that one!).

Any other chicken hints would be much appreciated…….

2 Responses to “Day 156 – Chicken run, part 2”
  1. You’ve got great insights about chicken coops and runs, keep up the good work!

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