Day 140 – Top Ten Signs That You Are An Internet Geek

I don’t want to reveal my profile just yet as we have our presentation to our team tomorrow as part of our teambuilding, but I thought I’d share this nugget of info from the internet that I found while surfing for personal enlightenment!! ….. Top Ten Signs That You Are An Internet Geek …. 10 … Continue reading

Day 139 – Life in the fashion show, front row in Brussels…….

Yesterday C&A front row for our internal Caring & Amazing seminar including Fashion Show, today “Mais il est ou le soleil?’ Fashion Show at Autoworld Brussels. Yesterday our daughter does her first catwalk, today our student trainee Sophie sees her first Fashion Show live. Both fab, both fun, in different ways.  Huge internal motivation worked … Continue reading

Day 138 – the family slip ups……

The usual family catastrophes always strike when you don’t have time to deal with them. And in our family they are usually centered on the fact that one of us (no blame here as it’s been equal over the last 2 days to be honest), has not reminded (or nagged depending on your viewpoint) the … Continue reading

Day 137 – Life from on High……

Today I viewed life from on high.  Not some unearthly or holy experience as such, although driving to Neuss can be classified as a little unearthly at such an early time in the morning.  No, most of my day was viewed from up a ladder while dressing and undressing men!  Actually in Germany it is … Continue reading

Day 136 – The International contest of Caricature and Cartoon, Vianden 2011

Lots of exciting stuff goes on in the seemingly sleepy town of Vianden.  We loved the theme (Capitalism), and the animation of the Caricature and Cartoon Festival which was displayed in the castle during our trip. There is also a small Victor Hugo museum in the town, and the Music festival in August sounds like … Continue reading

Day 135 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 2…..

Ok, I gave in and looked at my iphone on Sunday for my equivalent of the daily post, but only to check on the sms (and surely that doesn’t count as everyone lives with those on a daily basis!). Life had been going on (just as I’d imagined), in Surburbia…… Jules was having a successful … Continue reading

Day 134 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 1……

It started with a slight hiccup.  We headed off for a quick Moroccan meal at KifKif (as you never know what might be available in the back of beyond!) before leaving Brussels, and therefore underestimated the drive (and it’s timing) to Luxembourg.  Actually we had no idea that the route was (via our beloved TomTom) … Continue reading

Day 133 – the forecast is very wet……

Not looking great on the weather front.  It has warmed up, however I am still packing fleeces, as the forecast says RAIN, and a lot of it. As I prepare to wave goodbye to civilisation, and all things electronic, comfortable and cosy, I am dwelling on how the hell I am going to have a … Continue reading

Day 132 – Truly and Utterly, Disconnected…..

It is just dawning on the family that this weekend, we will be truly and utterly disconnected. Driving to work, via school this morning, I raised the topic of packing with the kids.  You do realise that you need to really think about what you want to bring?  It will be cold (weather forecast 8 … Continue reading

Day 131 – Asparagus – pure Dutch “White Gold”

Lieve, my colleague at work, suffers as much as I do from the long boring journeys in the car, criss-crossing the borders of Holland, Germany and Belgium.  She has however, found an even more interesting pit stop than a trip to the local Albert Heijn supermarket when in Holland.  She stops by the side of … Continue reading