Day 149 – Chatelein flea market

A very early start, cold and with the threat of rain in the air. We were ready to go, boxes packed in the car, and a second run waiting in the hall. My daughter and I cycled down at 7am, the boys brought the car, and we unloaded and set up while the vultures circled (the traders looking for early bargains). Hubbie and son left around 10am for their tennis match and we were joined by Helen, Jules and Kai, and started the serious selling.

Everyone was bargaining hard today, but we held our own and cleared over 400 euro. Even the sun came out early afternoon, and apart from one hiccup when the tent tried to collapse (fixed by Sieb and his duct tape), we survived.

With our traditional Mamma Roma pizza for lunch, and some sparkly with strawberries, we had a great time, and as always we were quite sad to give up our street life at 6pm to start packing up. Another pile of stuff was dropped off at les petite riens, a couple of boxes packed up for Jules flea market in 2 weeks time, and we only carried half a car load of stuff back to the garage! A great result, now I will have to start sorting out more for next year!! Oh and the boys won their tennis tournament, the perfect end to a great weekend!!

2 Responses to “Day 149 – Chatelein flea market”
  1. nrhatch says:

    Great way to recycle! And the pizza looks fab.

    Glad you had a good day.

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