Day 148 – Super Saturday

Saturday started slowly after a heavy night on the street, literally! It was neighbor day yesterday and our street was closed off for the evening so the kids could skate and cycle, and the adults eat, drink and gossip. Most important priority this morning after the kids tennis, was heading to the Superdry sale at the head office in Chatelein. Everything is less than half price. I’d stocked up yesterday and then spread the news, so most of the street returned this afternoon with big white bags of clothes for their teenagers! Hubbie and son found a few goodies, and then it was time to think about earning some money instead of spending it! We headed down the street to our garage, and spent the afternoon preparing stuff for our flea market tomorrow. Boxes were opened and unpacked, we did one run to les petite riens to drop old stuff off, and then the car was loaded up. We start at 7am tomorrow, with high expectations to at least cover the cost of the last two days shopping at Superdry……. We shall see.

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