Day 146 – The Bike Bug at work

The last couple of weeks have been quite inspiring at work.  We have had our company seminar, putting our company focus back on the ‘Caring’ side of the business and adding an ‘Amazing’ element.  Our VM team has started a personal and team development programme that looks very promising in it’s vision going forward.  And the icing on the cake….. Beach cruisers we can borrow at lunchtime, and free wifi in our ‘foyer’ lounge bar.  Little steps for a Big company, but hugely appreciated by people like me who juggle life both inside and outside of work.  I can now exercise along the canal at lunchtime (Lieve shows how you can do it in a pair of heels in the main photo), and/or blog/email/knit and keep in touch inside, while drinking a great cup of coffee!  Amazing how such little touches, can have such a big effect.  Here’s hoping to more amazing developments that get us smiling at work this year (and fingers crossed that the weather holds for our VIM team biking picnic lunch already planned for next Tuesday!)

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