Day 144 – Etsy lab at Turtlewings, Brussels

Tonight was another great creative opportunity at Turtlewings as Jules, with Anna Denise from the Yellow Umbrella, brought Marta Pakovska from Etsy NL  (my most favourite internet craft shop) to Brussels.  The team were co-hosting an evening introduction to ‘Art Journalling’.  I need no further excuse to convince our student Sophie to babysit, while I cycle off down the road to the Turtlewings atelier, sketchbook in hand, ready for handy hints and an evening of like-minded souls.  We were 22 this evening, I think a record for the number of people at a creative evening, and a real challenge for Jules to fit everyone in.  However we all found seats of sorts and happily threw ourselves into the painting, drawing, cutting and pasting which is so loved by many of us there.

The first activity was to paint the background colour of a wrap cover for our Journals, focusing on colours that we relate to, and then allowing it to dry before working further on this part of the project.

Next, while our backgrounds dried, we moved onto creating a collage of ourselves.  Oh what fun, I love a pair of scissors and a Pritt stick!

Then we had to create a drawing of something we did today, in our Journals

And some of the final results, with the artists!

And my final designs………… that are viewable!

The guys who made tonight happen;

The Yellow Umbrella. – Anna Denise’s Blog including her brilliant Art Journalling – Jules’s Atelier where kids and big kids can create to their hearts content

Marta Pakovska (Martata) on Etsy. – Marta is the community manager for Etsy NL, a big thanks for joining and supporting us in Brussels tonight!

and some Etsy links of artists who joined in the fun;

The World of Wezz by cyberwezz on Etsy.

Catswithattitude on Etsy.

Tuf’s stuff by tfockens on Etsy.

16 Responses to “Day 144 – Etsy lab at Turtlewings, Brussels”
  1. sjef says:

    Fantastic, looks like you had a great night and good for Jules to have such a big turn-up
    Love hubbie xx

  2. Jules says:

    Perhaps I will just copy paste this to my blog, since you used all my pics! lol Punishment for not having my own camera I guess.

    • You’re welcome! Pls feel free to share the post, as I nicked half (but not all!!) of your photo’s off my camera (you were a great assistant cameraman!) At the end of the day, the main thing is to talk about how great these evenings are (and Turtlewings/Etsy and the yellow Umbrella!!). Have a good week Liz

  3. Thank you so much for sharing photos and story! 🙂 Was VERY nice to meet you 🙂 Already sharing it on my facebook.

  4. wezz says:

    well look at that! I’m actually in the picture and I have my eyes open too! That in itself is an achievement for the photographer!! So nice to see the overview of the evening and all the artwork!! And I loved meeting all the like minded souls too, etsians or not. :-))

  5. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. tuuni says:

    Sounds like you had fun time creating. I wish I could have been there!
    Great pictures 🙂

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