Day 143 – Exaxtly how many versions of the Purl Stitch exist?

I popped into Turtlewings on Thursday lunchtime last week for a few quick knitting tips, knowing that a couple of my knitting pals would be there. You see, I am not back up to the confidence levels of my youth, and cannot always remember the purl stitch, (which to the uni’knit’iated is the reverse side of knitting). Can you imagine my surprise when we realized that purl stitch from a Finnish perspective was like talking gibberish to me, that some people actually just knit backwards, and that the Dutch version was the same as I’d learnt in my youth. (explains my marriage then!).  Even at knitting life can be so complicated! So last night with Helene’s instructions ringing in my ears (and safe in the knowledge that she’s only over the road if I get stuck!) I settled down in front of the Bafta awards and proudly watched tv and knitted for a couple of hours. Yeh!
Unfortunately the chicken story has not worked out so well. Mr Fox returned last night for the last dying chicken, and all that remains is a pile of black feathers. We have decided to heavily fortify the coop next weekend and then go for round two, complete with booby traps, alarm bells and maybe a nuclear deterrent! and a webcam to quash the Facebook conspiracy theories now doing the rounds, including the Gruffalo, Ferrets and Feral Cats!

Photo from; Hooked on Needles: Learn to Crochet – Tunisian Purl Stitch. – yet another version of the Purl stitch, and so beautiful!

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