Day 141 – chicken run

I felt a little disappointed on my drive home from a two day workshop on personal development and team building, that no one was at the door to greet me. So nobody missed me? As it was a hot day, and I headed straight for the back garden, after putting the BBQ ingredients in the fridge. A phone call earlier had also produced the response from my son, ‘Dad’s too busy packing for my school trip to come to the phone’ which was very odd. The truth dawned as I realized Hubbie and Pieter were digging in the back corner of the garden. Pieter was serious when he’d mentioned a birthday present last month for me,’chicken’s would be perfect’, and I’d raved over the idea of fresh eggs!
We have 3, Snowy, Greg and Bob. Well to be precise, we had 2 in the coop, and 1 in the garden next door! Yes one was a flyer, so the run had to be redesigned to include a roof. It actually is a very posh chicken coop and run, as the cubic meterage (obviously driven by the need for the boys to build something big), means we could start a chicken farm! They are truly free range, and could easily manage a chicken-walk fashion show down the run! They still have two weeks before they are old enough to produce eggs, so fingers crossed for our two families. Home egg production should be starting soon!

The Coop under construction

Looking for Snowy next door, and Joseph takes an interest…..

The final result

Interesting sites all about chickens!;

11 Contemporary Chicken Coops – From Urban Hen Houses to Green Chicken Coops (CLUSTER).

Chicken Coop for Hipster Chicken.

Chicken Coop for Hipster Chicken.

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  1. Henny says:

    This is lovely, and cosy too!

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