Day 138 – the family slip ups……

The usual family catastrophes always strike when you don’t have time to deal with them. And in our family they are usually centered on the fact that one of us (no blame here as it’s been equal over the last 2 days to be honest), has not reminded (or nagged depending on your viewpoint) the other. The kids of course cannot be held responsible, as they haven’t listened in the first place!
Useful that!

Our catalogue of minor (although at times it felt major) slip ups started Tuesday night when Hubbie discovered our son’s passport was out of date, and he leaves for a school trip to Germany on Monday. The Dutch embassy were called, info searched out on the Internet and an emergency passport will be ready tomorrow. I howled with laughter at the attempted diversion to get a British one, it’s issued from Paris, which takes and costs double!
Next slip up, I left hubbie in charge of dropping our kids and friends kids at school. I reminded him by SMS as I drove to work, but if you leave BOTH gsms at home then do not be surprised to have to do the school run twice! Highly embarrassing. The third, and I hope last involved me today. Working from home I took a lunch hour and went out, oops! I get the phone call to go back to let someone into the garage, as I had supposedly agreed to last night. I ran home, organized my cleaner to take care, and grabbed my bike to cycle back for a quick lunch. Ooops, my turn.
Guess the not listening is finally affecting me too….. We’re doomed! (and any advise is highly appreciated)…

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