Day 137 – Life from on High……

Today I viewed life from on high.  Not some unearthly or holy experience as such, although driving to Neuss can be classified as a little unearthly at such an early time in the morning.  No, most of my day was viewed from up a ladder while dressing and undressing men!  Actually in Germany it is an advantage to be up a ladder, as every time someone stops me to ask for a shirt with extra long sleeves, or a certain size inside leg in a trouser,  I have to look blank and mumble in English that I’ll have to find some help.  This gets a little boring after a while, so retreating to life on high was actually quite peaceful, rewarding, and in the meantime I made some new ‘Man’nekin friends!  Next stop the underwear department! or may’be a stint in the window…….  more next week.

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