Day 135 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 2…..

Ok, I gave in and looked at my iphone on Sunday for my equivalent of the daily post, but only to check on the sms (and surely that doesn’t count as everyone lives with those on a daily basis!).

Life had been going on (just as I’d imagined), in Surburbia…… Jules was having a successful weekend at Turtlewings (with her open days), and supposed (according to Janine) some strange but true things were happening at the EuroVision song contest.  I answered, and switched back to my non-digital life and therefore stuck my head back in my book.  Today was more difficult to handle after the blue skies of yesterday.  It rained (solidly) between 8am and 9am, luckily while I was nursing my ‘dutch’ hangover in bed.  By the time I surfaced around 9.30am, both the rain and the headache had eased off.  I found my reading glasses, a comfy chair, and hide in the party tent for the morning, not surfacing apart for coffees, until the book was finished, and it appeared that some more physical exercise was about to take place.

Physical is the right word.  Off we went up a mountain, to supposedly walk into town (a huge question mark for me considering it’s a flat and easy walk along the other side of the river bank).  But you have to humour these guys occasionally, and I searched for some suitable walking gear (which was much more sensible that the cycling crew who headed off in tight neon to do 50kms up and down mountains!) and joined them.  Glad I had my camera, as it gave me the perfect excuse (I think) to lag behind to catch my breath whilst supposedly taking those perfect photos!  Oh how I love the excuse of the camera!!

So here goes, my collection of Sunday shots…….. hope you enjoy and appreciate the agony I went through to get them!

3 Responses to “Day 135 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 2…..”
  1. nrhatch says:

    Terrific shots. Glad you managed a hike after the rain and your hangover subsided.

  2. Henny says:

    Oh, well done, Liz. Great pictures. I especially love the house! (the one from the side.) And to me, it was almost as if I was there, as if I could smell the trees and the earth beneath your feet. Rain does that.


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