Day 134 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 1……

It started with a slight hiccup.  We headed off for a quick Moroccan meal at KifKif (as you never know what might be available in the back of beyond!) before leaving Brussels, and therefore underestimated the drive (and it’s timing) to Luxembourg.  Actually we had no idea that the route was (via our beloved TomTom) taking us to Leige and Germany…… surely it was just a quick hop down the E411 past Namur? (wrong!).  So around 9pm we hastily phoned the campsite to ask them to stay open long enough for us to get in and erect our tent.  And when we arrived, red faced and late at 10.45pm, we were so glad of the huge Dutch contingent already there, who helped and had us up and running within 10 minutes (thank god for the camp happy Dutch I say!).  However  our wiggly worm found a cosy hole to hide in while the rest of us did tent duty – what a surprise!

We were all snuggled up and ready to sleep before midnight, perfect!

Apart from the arrival in our bed, of the said wiggly worm at 2am, we had a quiet, sleepy night.  And awoke refreshed and ready to go on the Saturday morning.

I spent the whole day watching the weather roll in and out (since I was banned from looking at my iphone for regular weather updates).  Luckily there was no rain, and plenty of sunshine.  We spent most of the morning hanging out at the campsite, watching all the kids (of the cousins…. including ours), converse in Dutch, French and a bit of English, with lots of childrens sign language (the boys loved waving at the motorcyclists!) and general play mixed in between.

We managed a quick lunch in town as a family, and then had a great hike in the afternoon with the whole gang, up to the castle.  This included a really interesting exhibition on comic drawing which even the kids found quite interesting (more in part 3).

By the way, this is about a third of the camping families on the ramparts (just to get a scale of the family dimensions of the Dutch!) – the others are below thinking about going up, or being sensible and sunbathing at the campsite!

Later, I managed to set up an ‘office’ and write my blog in my diary, and find a great location for reading my book……..

The evening focused on a BBQ (what else!), and of course as the wine flowed, my Dutch sounded more and more perfect…… Uh Oh!

5 Responses to “Day 134 – the Digital Detox weekend, part 1……”
  1. Henny says:

    Looks great! And you even got to go to the castle, my old time favorite! A pity we couldn’t be there…


    • Looks like it will be an annual event -> I do hope so, as it was great fun and lovely to meet up with everyone. And really special for all the little ones. S
      o let’s plan the date in plenty of time next year so the maximum can join! In the meantime – any chance of you visiting Brussels? take care Lizzi x

  2. nrhatch says:

    Looks awesome! The campsite, the castle, and the canal through town.

  3. Henny says:

    We’re in the neighborhood when coming back from Spain, but that’s on a week day. Are you coming to any flee markets this summer? We will probably come to the Groede flee market.


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