Day 133 – the forecast is very wet……

Not looking great on the weather front.  It has warmed up, however I am still packing fleeces, as the forecast says RAIN, and a lot of it.

As I prepare to wave goodbye to civilisation, and all things electronic, comfortable and cosy, I am dwelling on how the hell I am going to have a cup of tea in the morning, and keeping fingers crossed that the dutch contingent will be well prepared with calor gas stoves and supplies of goodies.  I have packed sausages and red wine, which should cover us for part of the weekend (and probably the most important!)  My book, a torch, my boots, and loads of layers, will be my best friends and stay very very close to me.  Hubbie too, as it transpires we only have 2 sleeping bags and will need to take our white duvet (which will be a muddy shade of brown I’m sure after 48 hrs). This sounds more like an endurance test than a happy hike into nature.  We shall see.

Anyhow, must wave goodbye, and set forth south, with fingers crossed that the tent is up before dark!  Notebook is at the ready, to replace my laptop, and I’ll blog again on my return should I survive.  Great weekend, warm and cosy to all!!

image via » rain.

One Response to “Day 133 – the forecast is very wet……”
  1. nrhatch says:

    Have FUN.
    And if that’s too much to ask for . . . SURVIVE. 😉

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