Day 132 – Truly and Utterly, Disconnected…..

It is just dawning on the family that this weekend, we will be truly and utterly disconnected.

Driving to work, via school this morning, I raised the topic of packing with the kids.  You do realise that you need to really think about what you want to bring?  It will be cold (weather forecast 8 deg on Sunday – how did that happen? we’ve had over 20 for the last century it seems!), there is no TV (what??) and no internet (eh what!!).  Darling Daughter piped up, ‘but you’ll take your lap top?  You and Dad never go anywhere without your lap tops!’  Well sweetie-pie I replied, THIS weekend, there will be no electronics, as we are in a TENT…..


I am looking forward to studying the contents of the back packs tomorrow!! and hopefully manage a quick blog before we depart……….otherwise internet silence til sunday (bliss!)

Must remember the book and those damn reading glasses, ooh and a torch! (and a sense of humour).

9 Responses to “Day 132 – Truly and Utterly, Disconnected…..”
  1. AnnaDenise says:

    Hehe, sounds like an experiment the two of you should enjoy? Where are you heading off to?

    • somewhere in Luxembourg, where Hubbie went on a regular basis as a child, with numerous younger members of the extended dutch family!! I forgot to point out I need to take a dutch/english dictionary with me too!! Have a good weekend, ours now also looks wet!! ;(

  2. helen says:

    Have just sat down, feeling smug that i have finished packing for our camping trip this weekend, and seen your blog. 8 degrees …??? That cannot be possible , if you are right – and im just about to check- then i have to start allover again. Damn the day i subscribed to your blog….!! have fun Hx

  3. Henny says:

    Yeah, where are you off heading to? And are you going to repeat this experiment?
    Last year I went camping with Jared. We had a good time.
    This year we went to a museum where you got to ‘guess’ what the other person would like best. So when photographs of a hotel and a tent came up, I guessed Jared would like the tent the best…. uhhh…
    Happy experimenting!


    • your old camp site!! to relive the vD memories!! I refused the hotel on the grounds that I could spend a weekend in London for that price…… I might regret it!! Have a good weekend Lx

      • Henny says:

        We once went to a hotel in that village and slept on straw… So a tent might not be such a bad option. Have fun and regards to all the family members!


  4. nrhatch says:

    Bring a deck of cards!
    And wine.
    Plenty of wine.

    • I will, as it’s my favourite combination……… second place goes to Scrabble with a G&T!
      Have a good weekend too, now doubt warmer and less wet than mine is predicted to be!! Lx

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