Day 130 – my beloved Duvet Daughter….

Life around here often means that we help out friends when they need to travel for work, and vice-versa.  As most of us don’t have a family network to fall back on. it’s lovely to be in the position to help and to be able to ask for help, and I enjoy having extra kids in the house.  But boy, can my daughter make life challenging during these mid week sleep overs, as she has a knack to fully blow when tiredness is combined with an audience.  I really wonder what these friends go home and tell their Mums, as when she is tired and teasy (an almost continual state Monday to Wednesday as she recovers from the lazy weekends/the shock of the early school mornings/the pressure of the homework and the swim practice), it is like living in Iraq.  Bombs coming from nowhere, and for no apparent reason.  She usually has life back in her stride by Thursday, and we’re in for a calmer ride as we surf into the weekend.  Holidays, as long as they don’t involve too many other kids, are bliss!

She likes school, doesn’t want to stop her activities (apart from the no-go question of giving up after-school Dutch), but she is too much in love with her duvet, and needs oodles of sleep.  It’s a real conundrum. It’s a bit of a family trait, late nights/late get ups, when we’re all left to our own devices, especially at the weekend.  I never understood Mums who had kids up (and not through choice) between 5 and 6 in the morning, how did they manage that?  Was it in their genes, or their training manuals, and I felt very very sorry for them.  Now I wonder, as mine are at the age of taking care of themselves in the morning (not obvious on school days when they have to be reminded of everything, but clear as a bell on the weekend, when they can cook a full english breakfast/work the computer/tv and dvd, before you have even opened one eye…..), may’be the boot is on the other foot.  An early riser with a sparkling and positive attitude, would be just what was needed round here.  Wonder where you can buy the manual, or the recipe for it!!

Some places I’ve ended up at while surfing the internet, no one answer yet, but may’be some directions to think about……

6 Ways to Encourage Kids.

Is Your Child Too Busy?.

Nine Steps to More Effective Parenting.

and just may’be the camping trip this weekend will detach us all from the snuggly depths of the duvet, and force us to face the mornings more sharply and with lots of positive energy!!  I live in hope……

2 Responses to “Day 130 – my beloved Duvet Daughter….”
  1. Heligirl says:

    I can relate. My kids are waking earlier and earlier these days (not by my choice) and it’s taking not a little coffee to keep up with them. Wonder if that will continue when they’re old enough for school? 🙂

    Thanks for the link to my Mom Tips. That was very sweet of you!

  2. keep your fingers crossed! Mine are approaching the teenage years, so it’s only going to get worse in the mornings!! You’re welcome re the link……I really enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to read it.

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