Day 128 – will I ever learn?

Mother’s Day has arrived, and it is not high up on my list of favourite days of this year.  A beautiful and hot day, is stressed already as the family get on with their Sunday rituals while I prepare for a big BBQ party.  I manage a quick cycle ride to Flagey market, for the last of the vegetables needed,  and then chop, marinade and prepare.  Hubbie does the playdate drop off (yeah I avoided the car today!), and then 1/2 an hour early (yes early, totally unheard of!) my good friend Anastasia arrives fresh from Yoga and ready to party.  1.5 hours later, as everyone else arrives fashionably late, I realise I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch, and the Prosecco is bubbling in my tummy.  Don’t you just hate it when you peak too early.  Anastasia managed a sleep on the sofa in between courses,  I crashed in bed later in the evening, fully clothed.  Uh oh, not nice to wake up this morning in your overstretched skinny jeans……… note to myself, drink more water.

Sauce: Prosecco – Telegraph.

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