Day 127 – A Mummy Moan….

As it is officially MY day tomorrow, and the weekend is so far not going my way, I think I am justifiably allowed to have my moan today.
I am well on my way to having clocked up 24 bloody hours in the car this week. Today alone, taxi mama has clocked 2 hours just driving 20 bloody kms to drop darling kids to a swim party…. Is still not back home and is stuck in the tunnels of Brussels with an estimated turnaround time of 1 hour before I’ve got to go back and pick them up! On top of this, it’s 28 degrees and the sun is shining!! Later on, said darling kids are due at the other side of town for swim practice, and tomorrow it’s a play date in Waterloo!!! Help!
I didn’t sign up for this. I am definitely going to limit all friends to a 3 street radius in future, all parties playmates and activities must be local or doable on the bus or tram. I now officially HATE my car, and no amount of radio 4 or ice cream Solero’s is going to get me back in it anytime soon.

(written and published by a very frustrated mum, on her iphone, in the tunnels of Brussels at 3.12pm)

3 Responses to “Day 127 – A Mummy Moan….”
  1. Hélène says:

    Coutnt me in! We could do…..ehhh……knitting?

    • Feeling more positive now, home at last, and Hubbie has volunteered to do the return run! (don’t you just love them when they do that?). Might manage a bit of knitting later, so may’be a session together soon?
      have a lovely sunny weekend x

  2. julie anne says:

    Yeah, we are included. Get this you don’t even have to come with them. They can pop over when ever they want!

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