Day 126 – Friday Night Fever……

Our weekend has kicked off in earnest with a Friday night trip to the school disco.   What an experience!  It started with the drive to school chit chat in the morning.  I only asked my son, do you have a date? (my daughter had 2! but had politely declined the second one).  No he said, I’m hanging out with the Boys.  What, no first kiss tonight then, I said.  A sly grin and a cheeky reply shut me up…..what makes you think I haven’t already had one!!  That had me wondering during the long drive around 3 countries today…… (thanks darling, but Mummies need to know the details!!)

Later at home, it was the wardrobe decisions.  Our son making his usual fashion (?) statement, today was a suit waistcoat on top of a Hollister T…???.  Luckily this time, the wig stayed at home.  Our daughter stuck to her diet of Hollister/A&F shirt/tshirt/jeans combo.  Then the discussion on who to hang out with, whether to dance, and who might actually get their first kiss.  The most important part however, was the Parent Lecture.  Please note, this is Not Us giving advice or warnings on what and what not is acceptable.  But them, clearly explaining, that under no circumstances are we allowed to speak to their friends, embarrass them, or dance!  Hover in the background, talk to adults, have a drink, But Do Not under any circumstances try to pretend to be cool with any of the kids.  Um…..point taken.  And do not go anywhere near the Karoake machine……

We survived, mingled with the parents, and even earnt a quick curry afterwards for good behaviour!!  Phew…. never knew Friday night Etiquette was so complicated.

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