Day 125 – Slow Knitting……

Thursday night was our Slow Design night at Turtlewings.

We needed to take a project with us, the idea was to sit and chat while working on something we just can’t find the time to do at home.  Easy I thought, I have 501 things that I never get the chance to do, but scanning my list, not many fell under the creative heading of Slow Design, ie taking time to do something useful and sustainable.  In the end, I opted to take 2 things with me.  Firstly I fell back on my ipad project, as I’m still not up to speed with everything it can do, and was sure that my techie soul mate Anna would be there.  And then I selected one of my projects out of my 10×10=100, -> brushing up on my knitting skills!  Now that is slow, and creative.  I borrowed my daughters half knitted scarf and set off hoping that someone would be there to help me knock the cobwebs off my very rusty knitting skills.

I was in luck.  Annika was there with her crochet, and she very kindly volunteered to sit beside me.  Between the 2 of us, we doubled the scarf in length and I can now do the ‘knit’ stitch perfectly, and gossip at the same time!  Annika did all the pearl rows for me (hence the need to sit together), and I can’t wait for lesson part 2, at the next session. Happy Knitting!!

One Response to “Day 125 – Slow Knitting……”
  1. Henny says:

    That’s nice! I am also picking up on my knitting skills. Found some really helpful videos:
    on this site you’ll also find wonderful free patterns.
    Have fun!

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