Day 124 – Visual Overload

It starts with blurred vision, a waterbased paintbrush washing out part of life as I see it.

My head then throbs behind the eyeballs, nausia sets in, and is matched by a  strong desire to switch everything off and hole up under the duvet.

My brain plays image after image, and won’t sleep.  Sensory overload causes cravings for calm, and a slowing down of thoughts, wishes and desires.

I saw it coming, the overloaded agenda starting back at work, after a calm holiday.  Too much time concentrating on the road, thinking things over, worrying, lack of sleep, and sitting behind the computer.  Combined with the lack of time to go pick up those prescription glasses……

Now bed, praying for peace and calm, and hopefully with a clear head, it’s off to the Optician tomorrow morning, for a different and clearer view on life.

One Response to “Day 124 – Visual Overload”
  1. nrhatch says:

    If only we could bring all of life into better focus with a change of glasses. 😀

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