Day 123 – Car Journeys, the Road to Hell?

I really do have a love/hate relationship with cars.  As much as I sometimes cherish the time alone in one, to listen to podcasts/the radio/or generally sing my head off to my favourite playlists, I actually loath having to drive them (or be that wide-awake passenger so familiar on those holiday trips to Brittany).  I also hate spending hours concentrating on the thin white line that separates me from the other side.

At this time of year, it is generally easier, to do those wonderful trips to Germany on business, as the mornings are light, and the evenings still bright.  And I have a nice ritual at one certain filling station, where on the way out I buy a bacon sandwich, and the way back a Solero ice-cream!  Or really indulge with a full detour in Holland to Albert Heijn (which Hubbie managed tonight as he left Dusseldorf one hour before me!).  However after 11.5 hours in the car in the last 36 hours, I am beginning to sound like a total feminist (having listened to a grand total of 10 podcasts on Womens Hour from BBC Radio 4).

I’m back on the road on Friday, and must remember to stock up on more varied podcasts, and a bit of comedy, or a talking book.  In the meantime, I have never quite looked forward to 2 days in the office, as I have tonight!!

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