Day 118 – and now…. how to organise ‘The wedding of the year’ party in 24 hrs from France?

Just realised……. having only just opted to stay, that I don’t have even one Union Jack to wave on the terrace tomorrow, or a terrace party planned for the 7 survivors of the extra long Easter holiday in France….  although Hubbie has just pointed out over lunch, that I have a Union Jack scarf with me, phew, one point down… alot to go.

This is going to be a real challenge!  After all, we’re Brits (sort of, will be the cry of the other 3!).   I was put through the horror (my view aged 17) of Lady Di’s wedding by my mum in 1981 (who watched all channels available by putting 2 tv’s next to each other!), and therefore feel it is my divine right to subject my kids to the same.  Or to turn it into a fairytale, ‘this is what you could aspire to’ sort of a day.  Not sure which will work best with my daughter!  Whatever.

I’m still a Brit at heart, and having to celebrate the Dutch Queens Birthday (well the old one not the new, but don’t ask questions as the Dutch still get dressed in orange, sell everything on flea markets, and drink a lot) on Saturday, means I need to balance it out for the good of the ‘European’ Family as a whole.

Janine is turning up later with the coloured pens (in case we don’t find flags at the local cheap store where all things Brit seem ‘de rigour’ at the moment).  I’ve fished out the Brit flag scarf, just in case, and am planning an English breakfast with bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans (yes I had a tin deep in the cupboard!), and some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with bubbly for the grown ups.  Just need to check the cable on the tv is long enough to stretch across so we can watch it in the predicted sun due on our terrace.  Then perfect.

By the way, the craft ideas in the tutorial below, could well save the day…….keep you posted!

One Response to “Day 118 – and now…. how to organise ‘The wedding of the year’ party in 24 hrs from France?”
  1. nrhatch says:

    Have fun! I’m not sure how much time I’ll spend in front of the telly, but I’ll definitely tune in for a look-see at some point.

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