Day 116 – A lunchtime special…. Mackerel Pate

It’s not often that I come across a Blog where I just would so love to lead that life, but this one is just so inspirational, that I just had to spread the word, to my like-minded friends!

Yesterday morning,  I prepared a light lunch for friends popping in, using the left-overs (don’t worry – they were pre-warned!) before we leave France.  In amongst all the cheeses and pates in the fridge, I had some mackerel fillets left over from the BBQ the night before.  So as I often do, I googled and found this wonderful recipe….

I adapted it a little to include walnuts instead of the dry roasted almonds (as there were none in my cupboard) and the pate was a huge hit.  I spent some time this morning reading Ronelle’s blog.  I suggest you do to, as it is such an inspiration, and has so many handy hints, and beautiful photo’s.  Enjoy!  (I must get back to the cleaning after my morning swim)

Mackerel paté and creative recycling. « Myfrenchkitchen.

One Response to “Day 116 – A lunchtime special…. Mackerel Pate”
  1. Thank you so much Lizzie..I’m happy you liked it and the walnuts sound as delicious! And leftover spent with friends…how good can life get?

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