Day 113.5 – it rained ;(

Finally we faced the hard truth that sometimes good things have to come to a natural end (and hence there is an updated post for day 113 called 113.5!).  It might have been due to the impending arrival of another ‘Howard’ to Concarneau (which usually signifies a change in the weather!), or just the fact that 8 days of blazing sunshine at some point brings thunder and rain.  Whatever… it crept in slowly late saturday afternoon.  One minute Jules and I were working on the Marketing Plan for REcircle in our makeshift office on the terrace, and the next there were rumblings of thunder, and a few drops of rain.

However it didn’t stop our enthusiasm for all things outdoors, we just stayed put under the umbrella until the storm passed, and then carried on BBQing.  After all, a Brit is never worried about a few drops of rain!

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