Day 113 – Crabby Patty went into the Hot Tub

What do you say to a 6 year old when he asks, what happened to Crabby Patty?

Let me explain.  The Big Boys were well impressed.  The guys next door, have been dropping a net off our beach every day and night for the last week.  And this morning they landed a very very big fish (and an awful lot of squid).  So the Big Boys decided they wanted the same sort of thing for the BBQ tonight.  After a bit of discussion, they headed off to Pointe de Trevignon, to check what had been landed this morning by the fishermen there.  2 hours later, they sheepishly returned.  With 8 mackerel and 3 disabled crabs.  Seriously.  The crabs were on discount as they only had one claw each.  Hmmm….

The kids however, were well impressed.  They were lifted out of the plastic bag and tumbled onto the terrace, for crab racing purposes.  The crabs were named (uh oh!); Frank, Stinky Butt, and Crabby Patty…….  Another hour of games ensued.

When the kids left for the beach, we threw them in the pot.  After all, these guys were bought for dinnertime not playtime.  Kai returned, ‘where’s Crabby Patty?’ he wailed.  Hubbie answered quick as a flash… ‘they’re in the Hot Tub’.

The lower lip wobbled, the pot boiled.  ‘Don’t worry Kai, they’ll taste good’.  Guess who was the first ripping their legs off when they came out of the pot?

Crabby Patty Noodles

  • 3 crabs (preferably discounted and disabled), name them and race them!
  • garlic, couple of cloves finely sliced (not chopped)
  • chives, chopped not sliced
  • lots of pastis for the Chef
  • a handful of mushrooms, cubed
  • One large tomato, chopped
  • Noodles

First kill the crabs (humane way is a skewer through the head/ or stick them in the freezer for 2 hours).  Drop into boiling water, salted, and cook depending on weight.  (1 kg is 15 to 20 mins, 1/2 kg is 8 to 10 mins).  By the way I also hear you can stroke the back of a crabs head til he falls asleep -> interesting….

Then spend a quiet afternoon, shelling crabs (Rick Stein gives great instructions on how to), with a glass of wine, or in Pieters case, a glass of Pastis and water (after all we are in France)

When ready to eat, cook the noodles.  In a slurp of olive oil cook your mushrooms and your garlic.  Then arrange all the ingredients on top of the noodles, season with pepper, and enjoy!

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