Day 112 – foraging for Oysters…..

We hit low tide here at 2.39 this afternoon, so the Big Boys headed out for Oyster rocks, our favourite off beach location for foraging Oysters and Mussels.  Their return was triumphant, a whole tub of oysters and seaweed for our BBQ feast tonight.  Rog & Carol were already here in Brittany, Pieter, Jules and the boys arrived late Wednesday, and Janine Charles and George arrived today.   After a week here ourselves, we can’t quite believe that we still have unbelievable weather!  Let the sun continue to shine!

We started with the oversized Oysters, delicious but a few looked as if they had been on steriods! and then tucked into huge Artichokes.  These were boiled for 45 minutes, and served with a wonderful sauce that Helene shared with us last weekend.

Helene’s Spicy dressing – mix a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and balsalmic vinegar, with a tablespoon of mustard (ancienne works really well because of the seeds), a chopped clove of garlic and some pepper.  Add a splash of tomato ketchup (the secret but yummy ingredient).

Two of our kids even managed to polish off a whole one between themselves!

Next up was BBQ’d Rabbit.  Take 2 rabbits and chop them up into pieces.  Brown lightly in a pan on top of the stove.

Prepare turnips whole, chop carrots and potatoes, and herbs (we used parsley and thyme) and mix with the rabbit in a big roasting tin. Add thick slices of bread with ancienne mustard spread on it, mix up, splash on olive oil, and season.  Cover with tin foil and sit the tin on the BBQ (you need one with a lid).  Leave for approximately one hour, just keep checking the meat to see when it’s ready.  I have to say this meal was wonderful, thanks Pieter!

We finished off with a sunset dip in the sea……..Perfect!

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