Day 111 – The things I have to put up with……

I mean, why do I have to share my house with so many little people?  I love my vacations but sorry, on my terms only!  I just want to be able to lounge, snooze, watch the ‘birds’, chase anything that moves, and eat and drink to my heart’s content.

This morning was a case point, this 2 year old was just not having it.  He was following me everywhere, even when I wanted to eat or do my morning ablutions.  I just wanted some peace, so I disappeared upstairs in the bedroom and hid.  Purrfect! Trouble was it gave my Mum heart failure when she got up and couldn’t find me.  She was half way to Concarneau calling my name by the time I came out.  I mean, I’m hardly going to give up this good life am I?  But please, last week a dog, this week little people!!  It’s enough to make a cat howl……….

Joseph x

2 Responses to “Day 111 – The things I have to put up with……”
  1. AnnaDenise says:

    Aawww he’s so adorable. So pretty 🙂

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