Day 110 – How many candles?……not possible!

Hip hip hoorah! and what a fabulous day!

It’s lovely how easy and effective it is for everyone to send messages nowadays.  From my friends and family wherever and whatever, the birthday wishes came in, all day.  Via FB, email, sms and even real phone calls and snail mail (my family’s favourite!).  Pals from 20/15/10/5 years ago, now spread all over the world, and colleagues from work over the last 10/5/1/0.3 years posted/called and messaged.  And some fabulous people who you can’t quite categorise, coz they just care, got out there and posted too!  It makes you realise how important your friends and family are, no matter where they are or how they became so.  I just have to admit, I Love You All!!

Here’s some photo’s from lunch today on the beach, my fab meal part 2, with old friends (not literally!) Rog and Carol!

I opted for Mackerel terrine, Medallions of Monk Fish with potatoes and puy lentils, and Creme Brulee with apple crumble and sorbet.  Just too yummy on the terrace restaurant.  Great value at 24 euro…..if you’re ever in Concarneau, you just have to go!!

Discover the Hotel.  Les Sables Blancs, Concarneau.

2 Responses to “Day 110 – How many candles?……not possible!”
  1. Henny says:

    And also from The Netherlands, Dronten: Happy Birthday!

    Love, Henny

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