Day 109 – More Time Please……

Why is it so much easier to exercise here than in Brussels?

The answer is Time.  That rare commodity that I would so much love to have more of.  Something that speeds by everyday, even when I restrict my sleeping hours to 6, which means I never seem to achieve all I would like to.  Here, as the sun and the sea wakes you relatively early, I can fit much more into my life.  Cooking, Reading, and Exercising (in the warmer months this means swimming), take the main priority, instead of a poor third or fourth place as they do in Brussels. The big difference is obviously Work, and for the kids School, which run most of our daily routines.  And this is why holidays are so important to us as a family, as it connects us back together, instead of just fitting in around each other and our often individual routines.

Yesterday was a lovely day dedicated to 2 out of the 3, Reading and Exercising.

It started with an overcast morning, hence my head was stuck in my latest Jo Nesbo book, and I was feeling rather lazy by the time I emerged from bed at 11am!.  Lunch at L’Amiral beckoned, but first I needed to get some of my fitness stuff out of the way.  We achieved this by cycling into town instead of driving, feeling the wind in our hair, and sat outside the bar for our Croque Madame‘s and Salade de Chevre Chaud’s.  My son and I then returned back to the house, just in time for the clouds to dissolve and the sun to start shining.  Drat! That put paid to the plan to clean the house, as the two of us crashed out on the terrace.  (Hubbie and Daughter were out buying a new bike and finishing off the birthday present shopping)

However my second exercise wind came later, after heating up in the sunshine.  Hubbie and the kids did a spot of kayaking,  and I swam up and down the beach for 30 mins.  Life looks different when you look back at the land from the sea, and so quiet.  Can’t wait to do the same again today, the sun is already shining and it’s only 10am!

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