Day 108 – Monday Morning, the power walk!

It’s 8 days since I decided to rewrite the rules with my 10×10=100 (10 to give up and 10 to start, for 100 days), as part of my live life better campaign.  To be honest, I’ve not really thrown myself into this with great enthusiasm, as just before holidays and birthday, is not the best time to rewrite the rules.  I did my best with the wine and beer, but going to the Cube (with wine included matching each course), and a cold beer on the beach after a swim, was never going to be an experience I could resist.  So on Sunday, I looked at the other rules to check what was actually feasible this holiday.

I was definitely encouraged by the Baak-Croons, who stayed here last week.  Who, with 3 young children, cycled to Les Boucaniers, which involves hills both up and down, the size of small mountains.  Even our local friends were impressed.  So that is challenge number 0ne.  But I need a few days to get fit enough to tackle that one!  Hence Monday mornings fresh start this week, with a Power Walk around the headland.  Even the kids joined in.  And we felt wonderfully fit (and self rightous afterwards!), so even finished it off in the afternoon with a 20 minute dip in the sea.

I kept up the healthy bit, by serving fish on the BBQ last night (amid groans from the kids, ‘and where are the beefburgers?’), washed down with a bottle of rose Cremant de Bourgogne (acceptable as it is bubbly after all).

This morning I ache a bit, actually a lot.  But having signed up for this, I have just agreed to cycle into town for lunch with the kids this is a flat stretch I hasten to add!)  Hmmm, those hills still seem very very high and hard….

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