Day 107 – Sunday at the beach….

The great thing about France, is it’s ability to make me forget how awful the drive is within 24 hours of being there.  Particularly when the weather smiles on us.  Sunday gave us blue skies and bright sunshine.  So much so, that I managed to burn my shoulders at Les Boucaniers (loud cheers of happiness to the French Tourist Board who now allow the restaurant to have it’s deck out on the beach all season io. just the high summer!).  We didn’t care that the meal took 2 hours, due to the fact that Aurelie and Jacques only had 2 people helping out, it was just divine to enjoy an afternoon of summer weather, followed by a swim, in mid April!

2 Responses to “Day 107 – Sunday at the beach….”
  1. frenchstage says:

    I’m jealous. I’m in NY where it’s 45 degrees and clouds 😦

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