Day 106 – that drive to France….

Avid readers of the blog will know that sinking feeling I have when we have to get in the car for the long and very tedious drive to France.  This time I thought I’d cracked it.  Leaving early morning, with the packing done and dusted, a lovely lunch at Honfleur, and timed just so, that we’d arrive in Concarneau to a wonderful meal prepared by our friends who had stayed there the week before, Emile and Helene.  I didn’t count on the French/Belgian/UK/and whoever Easter traffic on the roads, combined with the fact that we could no longer sneak down the right hand side at the tolls and slip through the prepaid bit, as they no longer took cards…….

We managed the lovely lunch in Honfleur (just), at the same restaurant and even same table as 2 years ago, but then disaster struck.  The sleeping bug that Hubbie and I suffer from (and renders evening driving now impossible), hit us at around 4pm in the afternoon.  I dozed off, just as Hubbie while driving decided to close his eyes.  Bang! twice! Luckily in a slow queue of traffic, and luckily without a scratch to our car (but a big boot dent to some poor French Audi driver).  We lost another 30 mins to filling out the insurance claims, and joined the queue of traffic heading around a football match at Rennes.

Finally we made Concarneau, and our lovely dinner was served by Emile (another interesting fact on how many couples we know where the men do the cooking! another due here later this week!).  And the holiday could finally start.

So for me there is just one plea this evening….Please Please Please….. could one of the budget airlines start flying here, as life on the road is just getting too damn dangerous!!

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