Day 104 – Istanbul part 2

Ok last night was very interesting when I finally plucked up the courage to leave the hotel for dinner. The hotel recommended a restaurant down by the Bospheros, that served fish. Off I went yet again in a taxi with no seat belts (but I’m getting used to closing my eyes and praying by now!)
And arrived at a neon lit place, that at least had a good mixture of locals and expats. I ordered some calamari and red bream, and settled into my latest Jo Nesbo book. Food was yummy, and all was fine til the bill arrived, and I realized they’d served me one kilo of fish! As I’d only asked for a small ‘petit’ portion, I queried it, and after a bit of negotiating got 25% off the bill (definitely helped by explaining I was here on business and not a tourist… I look like one!).

This was followed by a non english speaking Taxi driver who needed reading glasses for the address, (we giggled together as I got mine out to check the address too!) until I realized he’d taken my room key (more smiling and I got it back pronto). Finally crashed in my suite and slept like a log.

Today was due to start early for a quick visit to the Grand Bazaar, but the area was closed off for some sort of demo, and we couldn’t find parking for love nor money. I settled instead for a box of Turkish delight from a shopping centre, and am now sat at the airport contemplating whether to buy a bottle of Hendricks gin. It’s unbelievable, Scottish gin that so far I’ve sourced in Mechelen Belgium, and Istanbul Turkey….. Wonder what the two places have in common? May’be something to do with the driving techniques after a few glasses!

By the way, the header photo was my lunch……. typical turkish food in a typical turkish shopping centre! but they’re not my ciggies….still surviving without!

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