Day 103 – my first blog on the iPad, live from Istanbul!

I’m excited but also apprehensive as this is my first blog on the iPad, via wifi, live from Istanbul! I have to say it’s been another interesting experience, as although I’ve been here a few times on business in my former life (design and buying), and for a very memorable weekend with Hubbie BC (before children) which involved shopping and partying, no sightseeing and things that cannot be mentioned in this blog as the kids might read it!
But I have never walked out of the airport into a taxi with a man who speaks no English (and then had to phone Meltem, my turkish colleague, to direct him to the store), driven with no seat belts, a lot of praying, while the guy tried to hold a conversation in Turkish, for 30 mins! This was followed by an afternoon in a shopping mall straight out of Beverley Hills, where as we drank coffee on the terrace, Range Rover after Porsche after Mercedes dropped royalty/stars and celebs (Turkish mind) off in front of Gucci, YSL and Prada. I even saw a Louis Vuitton Vespa, with a brown LV signature leather seat (used as the opening photo as I was so impressed!!) In between we did the local C&A I promise, and lots of VM!
On top of this, I arrived at the hotel, and guess what….. Another upgrade, this time to a suite (don’t worry Lieve, no champagne this time!).  I have to say this job is definitely something else.
So now I’m off to the local area for dinner on my own, also a new experience, but heh, that’s what I signed up to in my 100 day challenge! And can add another type of G&T to the list, a very interesting local brand (cin cin, and luckily also with a ‘c’ as all my other weaknesses!)…. Ok but only tolerable on holiday oops work!. More tomorrow!!

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