Day 101 – I am trying to have a ‘Zen’ moment…..

Ok, I AM going to view it as a work of art….. Hubbie has left a cut half of lemon, face side down on our bluestone kitchen work surface.  It has etched itself into the stone over the course of today, so much so, that I had to scrap it off with a knife.  But I am going to be beautiful and Zen-like on his return home.  And ask him, to repeat it all over the worksurface until it makes a lovely creative pattern……. like a Flutter of Butterflies.

Day 1 of remaining calm and serene……. (and if in the meantime anyone knows of any old household tips for dealing with lemon stains??)

3 Responses to “Day 101 – I am trying to have a ‘Zen’ moment…..”
  1. julie anne says:

    urggg we have the same problem with our counter. Never quite such a deep design, but I like the idea of doing it all over. It is rather beautiful if you take a different view.

  2. Sjef says:

    Just had a creative moment this morning… 🙂 If you try to get a lemon print like that it never works, but this spontaneous one worked out beautiful… we’ll keep it

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