100 down, 100 to go

OK, first off this post is updating my status as a Daily Blogger after the first 100 days.  WOW, I made it this far (cheers from the crowd!).  I also have managed not to smoke for 100 days.  For 28 of them I didn’t drink, and for about 50 of them I ate healthily.  Best not to focus on the rest!!

Now it’s time for my next challenge, 10 things to give up and 10 things to do, all in the next 100 days (my 10×10=100).  Here goes…. wish me luck!


10 to Give Up

  • Alcohol.  Well to be precise, wine and beer.  Looking at the next 100 days I can manage without most, but with my birthday just round the corner and holidays, it would be unrealistic to include Champagne, Caipirinhas, Colonels, or a good old Gin and Tonic (or a Pimms).
  • Sweets.  I have started buying bags of sweets for the long slow drives back and forth to Germany.  Need to return to my nut and fruit snacks.
  • Shouting.  Not nice, has to stop (mainly involves the kids).
  • Spending money.  Limit the Budget, and stick to it.
  • Trying to do too much.  Be realistic about how many hours are in the day, and how many I need to sleep!
  • Pretending I’m not getting older.  Give up on pretending to be blond when it’s definitely grey!
  • Unhealthy food.  Crisps, nibbles, fried stuff, chips etc etc.
  • Being heavily dependent on my WiFi, and sulking when it doesn’t work.  Plan Hi Tech time, and No Tech time.
  • Not saying what I really want to say.  Yep it’s true, I often don’t say things because I’m afraid of the outcome.  It’s time to be Brave, and just say it!
  • Worrying.  Not easy, but some of it should be put back in its box, until you really need to worry.


10 to Do

  • Cultural stuff.  In Brussels we have a Tutankhamun exhibition starting this month, and a Joan Miro exhibition running til May.  Both things I would like to do.  So I am going to do it, and keep an eye on other things going on in the city.
  • Organise stuff.  Get my office sorted out, sync my computers, update the website, and make my filing manageable and easy to do.  Sounds easy but one hell of a challenge!
  • Focus on Photography.  Ok not easy as my beloved camera packed up in Stockholm, but as the Birthday is just round the corner, may’be just may’be…..
  • Spend some time learning about and setting up my iPad apps.
  • Learn to knit (again).  My daughter wants to start again, and Sonja in the office is an expert.  Even Jules has bought a book, and Anna is itching to get going.  NO MORE excuses Girls!
  • Read more books.  As I can now see the smallprint, I would like to curl up in the evenings with a good book and my Sleepy Tea (with a cuddle from the Hubbie of course!)
  • Enjoy the Garden.  Get Green, grow veg and herbs, and compost food waste. (it really focuses you on not overbuying too)
  • Exercise.  Still need to work on the Blood Pressure.  Mix it up with Swimming, Cycling, Yoga and Power Walking.  Aim for 3 times a week. May’be join the gang for tennis?
  • Relax. Slow down, and disconnect at times.  Live a Slow Life…. and enjoy Slow Food
  • Get BBQing.  Don’t you just love Summer!!


Joan Miro @ Espace Culturel ING.

Tutankhamun, his tomb and his treasures @ Brussels Expo.

4 Responses to “100 down, 100 to go”
  1. Elaine says:

    Congrats on getting to the 100 Lizzie, & cheering you on for the next 100. Onwards & upwards!

  2. Lovisa Ferngren says:

    Well done Liz! I am impressed by the 10×10 list, completely agree to exclude champagne and caprinhas from the no alcohol pledge! When can we expect a status report?

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