Day 99 – I can see a whole new world opening up out there…..

Enlightenment came today in a number of different locations;

Firstly, at the Opticians.

I finally faced the SSP (spec selection process), with Family in tow.  May’be not such a good idea, after my daughters quote of ‘glasses just ruin your face’. It was hard and horrible.  I wasn’t really ready to grow up and look serious.  But I gave it my best shot, and managed to select some cool Ray Bans in standard black, which everyone agreed looked acceptable on me.  (Sorry! I wasn’t ready to do sexy secretary, or teachers pet).  So one more week to go, and I will be able to read and analyse everything up to 1.5m in front of me……. very dangerous guys! watch out!

Secondly, at Hema.

I just love this Dutch shop for stuff!  We headed off there after the Optician, for a fix of easter eggs, jelly beans (at an unbelievably cheap price), and a pair of reading glasses to keep me going til my serious ones arrive.  (Amazing how quickly everything deteriorates after you accept that you need it!).  5 euros later, I can see!  And was also highly excited by the combination of their GYO (Grow Your Own) herb bags, and the fact that I could finally read the instructions on the back of them!


So now looking forward to the ‘School Annual Fund Raising Do’ at the Conrad tonight….. I’ll be able to read the menu and work out the Auction prices myself for the first time in ages!! (and probably ‘do a Roger’ and perch my glasses on top of my head while having no idea where they are…….. I’m joining a whole new group of allies and friends!!)

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