Day 98 – The shape of friday nights to come……

This is the new way forward for Friday nights.  After my moaning and groaning a couple of weeks back regarding the sofa sleeping habits of my family, they have gone into overdrive regarding their health and sporting habits.  Both kids have signed up for a competitive swim team with a Belgian club, and Hubbie has agreed to be the Chauffeur (doesn’t the French version sound so much more sophisticated than the ‘general dogsbody and taxi driver’ version in English!).  However, I started to feel guilty about it by the end of this week (as they approached session 3), and volunteered to take over the Friday night slot at the pool.  Of course, their teams are not scheduled to meet at the same time….. that would be way too convenient, so Friday night runs from 5pm til 8.30pm.

However, this is one thing that the Belgians do manage to get right.  The pool has a bar and restaurant (that serves decent food), a terrace in the evening sun, and overlooks the pool so that you can claim to have watched the whole swimming session.  You can swim for an hour alongside the kids (that’s one for next week, as I couldn’t find the changing rooms in time this week, my excuse!).  And they have Wifi!!  So with my beloved MacBook I can blog, twitter and FB to my heart’s content, and be free to drive home via Mamma Roma to pick up pizza, and crash with Hubbie and friends in the garden by 10pm.  Bliss!

I never knew being healthy could be so much fun, must give it a go!!

Inspired by the Quote of the evening at 8.45pm, from my Daughter;

I swam for 1 hour 34 minutes, and I have so much energy, I don’t know what to do next!

My Friday night office;

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